Family Service Hours

Capital Christian School is pleased to introduce the Family Service Hours program to our school families for the 2019-2020 school year. This program is designed for families from EE-HS.

The goal of these Family Service Hours is to cultivate a spirit of community in which each school family actively participates and supports the life and development of CCS. This program serves as a positive example to our students of active involvement in our school community.

All school families are asked to support the school by contributing a minimum of 10 (ten) hours of service during the school year by the listed deadline. There are many opportunities to fulfill the service hours for parents working both inside and outside of the home. The school will be highlighting opportunities throughout the school year. All service opportunities will be presented to families electronically.  

The family commitment is 10 (ten) hours per year per family. Middle and high school students may complete up to 5 (five) of those hours. (Please note that this would not take the place of any required community service hours these students have on their campus.) Each family will have access to the Family Service Hours log, which is used both to keep record of service hours throughout the year and to serve as a form of accountability for the family service hours earned. Please submit one completed log per family per year. Refer to the Family Service Hours log for further information.

We want the opportunity to serve alongside you while developing an even stronger sense of community, which is the purpose for this program. However, we understand this may not be an option for all. As a result, if you are unable to complete the required hours or if you would prefer to opt out of the Family Service Hours, you may do so by paying $15 (fifteen) per hour, which will go directly toward campus beautification.

Thank you for your commitment to Capital Christian School. We are honored to partner alongside you as we work to foster community and strengthen our culture of servanthood.





Parent, grandparent, alumni and community volunteers help to enrich and strengthen all that we do here at CCS. We are so grateful for the many volunteers who invest their time and energy into helping us further our mission* and vision. If you are interested in sharing your time, talents and passions with the students and teachers of CCS, please pick up a Volunteer Application at any CCS office. Complete and return to your child's campus!




Ways to Volunteer (Opportunities)