Strategic Plan

We present to you our ongoing CCS Strategic Plan. These objectives have been developed over the past several years with the collaborative input of representative teachers, school leaders, and the School Board.

Each goal is designed to meet an identified need for improvement, to help our school grow, or to provide for the continued stability of CCS and our commitment to the highest quality of Christian education possible. These identified areas of our Strategic Plan are: Spiritual, Communication, and Financial Sustainability. Contained under each of these areas are action steps created to complete that aspect of the plan.

This plan provides our school with a pathway toward growth and development for our students, staff, and all aspects of our school programs. Our leadership team is committed to this plan and to the process of continuous evaluation and improvement in our school.

Below you will may expand and find updates toward the progress on individual goals.


Through collaborative efforts, CCS will build school- wide continuity and advancement to grow school programs and identify common (all school) initiatives.


In an ever-changing culture, ccs will remain steadfast in biblical truths and provide opportunities to deepen individual and collective spiritual growth.


CCS will ensure long-term financial sustainability through strategic budgeting practices, active voluntary gift support and transparency regarding financial health.