What differences have you noticed about yourself since being part of a study pod/life group?

"I feel a lot more motivated to do my work in a life group."

"I feel much happier that I'm around people and getting to talk to some of my classmates before our highschool journey is over. When being at home during quarantine I've noticed myself isolating more and getting more tired throughout the day, but this is helping me get back on schedule and falling in love with school again."

"I noticed that I focus more in class than I would at home. In class I know I have to pay attention, so I do, and at home its tempting to stop doing your work and get distracted."

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Study Pods Confirmed

Study Pods for Grades 6-12 start up again on Monday, August 31, 2020! 

8/25/20 California Dept of Public Health Guidelines

CDPH confirms effectiveness of Study Pods. County Health Department confirms that CCS Study Pods are good to go!



7/27/20 Head of School's video communication with strategy for starting school.

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8/20/20 Head of School communication clarifying Life Group / Study Pods decision.

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View 8/19/20 Student Study Pod Survey

Reopening Interim Phase



8/26/20 Application for a Waiver to Open Elementary Schools for In-Person Instruction during COVID-19


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